Goldsainte is the world’s first luxury membership ride share app that exclusively uses only company-owned Bentley, Rolls Royce, Maybach and Infiniti QX80 as ride share vehicles.

Don't Just Ride, ARRIVE.



Luxury vehicles


Rides in the most exclusive vehicles in the world at a ride share price.

Peace of mind


Travel in comfort in a premium vehicle, and rest assured that Goldsainte is here to keep your loved ones safe.

Competitive rates


The Goldsainte experience is

all-inclusive with rates as low as $99/ride for members.

Set the schedule


Book a ride in a Bentley, Rolls

Royce or Maybach with just a

one-hour notice.

Fixed fares


The price for your ride is the same no matter where within the city limits your ride starts/finishes.

Customized experience


Every Goldsainte ride comes standard with customizable options from climate control, music, food, beverage and a Goldsainte perks bag.

chauffeured Rides at your finger tips
Riders are given three options to book rides: Single ride, Round-Trip and Hourly experience for up to three passengers in a Bentley, Maybach, Rolls Royce or six passengers in a Goldsainte branded Infiniti QX80.
  • A single ride is a standard one-way ride
  • A round-trip is two rides to one destination and back
  • An hourly experience provides riders with their own personal driver and comes standard with the ability to make as many stops as the rider chooses and change stops on the go with the comfort of knowing that the driver will wait at each location until their journey is complete.
The Goldsainte experience for all riders includes the ability to customize every aspect of the ride from curated music playlists on Spotify, Apple and Sirius XM to preferred temperature settings, complimentary food and beverage options, preferred driver requests and an all-inclusive perks bag that allows users to select essential items of their choice at no additional cost.
Goldsainte one Membership

With a one-time membership initiation fee of $249 a member is granted access to: a reduced ride fare on all Bentley and Maybach vehicles, a members-only car share marketplace and family sharing.


Family sharing enables a Goldsainte member to add additional family members to their membership plan for only $12/month per additional member (maximum of two).

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Booking a ride in a Maybach, Bentley or Rolls Royce has never been easier, with an average hourly fare of only $99 per ride for members and $149 for non-members. We’re opening the door for you, vibrant, unabashed, fueled by grit and purveyors of beauty, we believe life should be art and not ordinary.